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This print reminds me of how children find so much joy in the simplest of things. I have hung it in my living room where it reminds me daily to also find and enjoy the simple things in life and nature. Thank you very much Juliana.


Thrilled to receive Let’s fly! in a recent competition it’s now in my own art studio it makes me smile every time I look at it x


I received Juliana’s A5 print of ‘Hello wind!” in the post and it is absolutely beautiful. I absolutely love all her work but this piece in particular has me reminiscent of my younger days, and I can see my daughter in it too… gives me feelings of freedom, peace and happiness.


I was given a beautiful picture called "Splish, splash." It captures beautifully the concentration and the innocent, free movement of fun, when you jump as a small child in a puddle. It has a calming beauty and a charm of colours.

Recognised and trusted by...

Have you ever had a scent or sound drift past you and you're taken straight back to being a child...?

It's magical and it happened to me...

It was a warm spring evening and the freshness of a sudden downpour felt so welcoming.

Thunder rumbled in the distance and the odd flash of light streaked across the sky.

Temperatures had chilled and I reached for a cosy jumper.

The sound of the rain - and its musky scent - drifted in through an open window.


I instantly recalled my childhood self recoiling from the smell of rain!

But now, in contrast, it brings back such beautiful memories - I can’t help but savour it.

I smiled, remembering the memories of my mum running outside to get the washing in. And the subsequent smell of washing hanging up to dry inside.

My dad, sporting his ‘shorts and welly-boots’ ensemble, as he (in no rush at all) put his tools back in the shed and came in with muddy wet hands, ready to wash in the kitchen sink.

Photos of happy times - the littlest one is me!



I grew up in a very happy home.

My dad built furniture in his spare time and he loved to read.

My mum sewed and knitted and tended to her ‘other family’ of indoor plants.

We grew our own vegetables and had home cooked meals.

And all these passions were passed down to myself and my sister.

Me and my sister in

very cool sunglasses!

A close affinity with nature was also shared with us.

My dad knew all the names of the flora and fauna around our home.

We went for walks in the countryside - and doors were left open, even on the colder days!

Maybe I didn’t appreciate it to its fullest back then, but we really did live ‘The Good Life’.

And most of all my parents showed me joy in the ordinary little moments of life.

You know? The ones that stir our senses and our feelings as a child.

And then magically appear as memories in our adult minds.

Such as when a scent drifts past or a particular sound is heard.

Then suddenly we are a child again!

Life has certainly sped up a lot, in so many ways.

And it feels like we have a lot less time to enjoy, or even savour, the little things that bring us so much joy.

Jumping in a puddle; enjoying the wind through our hair; being with animals; or running through a field without a care in the world!

These aren’t ‘big’ moments.

They are little moments.

But they are important ones.

My mum, who was so excited to be called ‘Oma’ (Dutch for Grandma), sadly died ten years ago, when my eldest was five, and my youngest was three.

And my dad passed away seven and a half years later.

But from moments so sad, a fresh spirit emerged in me.

Life is short and we all just have to make the most of our days and find our joy!

I feel compelled to share my parents’ love for a calm and nature filled life with you.

Their absence makes me treasure these childhood memories even more.

And they continue to help me realise the importance of the little moments.

I encourage you to take time to find your joy in the little moments of life.

To encourage you to step outside and take note from nature.

My new collection of illustrations entitled ‘Kindred Spirits’ is my way of sharing the brilliance of life’s little moments with you.

A collection of illustrated children, freely reacting to the natural world around them - just like I did.

Children who are connected with their joy of being -

right from the start.

The Kindred Spirits Collection

The ‘Kindred spirits’ collection is a four-piece art collection that offers a gentle reminder to slow down, enjoy the little things and seek the passions that give joy and value to your life.

Each one offers a little nostalgia in a delightful, timeless and charming way.

They also offer curiosity to younger audiences. Bringing about feelings of wonder, happiness and calm excitement.

Each illustration has been chosen to evoke the joy in the little moments that we may have all cherished at some point.

Sharing the beautiful connections we can all encounter with our wonderful wilderness.

Each illustration is accompanied by its title underneath.

And each print has a short verse printed on the reverse. Echoing words that may be said or thought by a child, as they begin to understand the world around them.

So why am I giving away free art?

Every time I step outside for a walk in the countryside around my home, I feel so much gratitude.

It helps to maintain a happy spirit in me - I feel centred and calm.

And I always acknowledge how lucky I am.

I want to share this with you.

Not everyone is able to get outside as easily and enjoy the acceptance of our natural world.

But I know there is something so necessary about feeling connected with Mother Nature.

I hope to remind you of a happy moment from your childhood.

And encourage children to go outside and explore the magic too.

I would love to connect with more people, more freely - and to connect with more like minded souls.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, here are the next steps…

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So this truly is a risk-free offer. (Just a heartfelt piece of art from me to you!)

My true hope is that you’ll love what you receive and this will be the beginning of a great relationship for years to come.

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Splish, splash!

'Who loves a puddle?'

'I do! I do! Ido!'

'Can I jump in?'

'Why sure you can!'

£15.00 Free!

*Just pay £3.90 UK postage & packing fee

Let's fly!

'I fly through the field,

so fast and free!

I am flying higher and higher!

You can’t catch me!'

£15.00 Free!

*Just pay £3.90 UK postage & packing fee

Let's fly!

'I fly through the field,

So fast and free!

I am flying higher and higher!

You can’t catch me!'

£15.00 Free!

*Just pay £3.90 UK postage & packing fee

Good morning!

‘How are you today?

I hope you’re feeling fine.

You are always so happy to see me.

And that makes me feel happy too!’

£15.00 Free!

*Just pay £3.90 UK postage & packing fee

Hello wind!

'When I close my eyes.

You bring me the smell of summer.

I feel my hair flap happily!

Please stay a while.'

£15.00 Free!

*Just pay £3.90 UK postage & packing fee

Hello wind!

'When I close my eyes.

You bring me the smell of summer,

I feel my hair flap happily!

Please stay a while.'

£15.00 Free!

*Just pay £3.90 UK postage & packing fee

About Juliana Johanna

Juliana has been featured as both writer and illustrator in parenting magazines, The Green Parent and JUNO.

She holds an art foundation certificate and also a BA Hons degree in Graphic Design.

Juliana has worked as an illustrator and designer with the award winning game and puzzle manufacturer Orchard Toys, based in the UK, selling worldwide.

She enjoys collaborating with children’s interior designers, creating original custom illustrations for children’s bedrooms.

Her ongoing personal project entitled ‘Drawing Nature In’ is a collaboration with parents, creating custom illustrations of children who love being in the wilderness. These illustrations are also accompanied by a short story written by herself.

Juliana is now starting to gain recognition for her illustrations and writing through her own business Little Liefje [leaf-yuh]. This is where she curates all her work that echoes the warm connections between children and the natural world.

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